Custom Mobile App Development

We provide full-cycle mobile app development to fit your business domain and budget requirements.

Custom Mobile App Development Services

Our experience in having developed custom mobile applications has given us the skills and expertise to work with any challenging mobile application development project.

End-to-End Mobile App Development Services

Right from ideating, creating a wireframe layout, designing and developing the mobile app, structuring the marketing site, launching the app in Native iOS/Android or option for Cross-Platform, we can guide you throughout this journey of development.

Mobile App Migration & Upgradation Services

Migrate your existing mobile app to other platforms or opt for a version upgrade for the mobile app, our top mobile app development team is always ready to help you.

Mobile Application QA & Testing Services

We have our expert QA, testing and DevOps team that helps you to quickly roll out features and make sure your software runs seamlessly on all browsers and screens.


We can help you deploy effective and user-friendly apps designed for Apple products like iPhones and iPads. We even create features for the Apple Watch! By providing polished experiences for Apple users, your business can build loyalty among an expansive user base.



React Native






Our Android team understands the complexities of developing for a marketplace accessed by a vast range of devices from varying manufacturers. As a result, they build user-friendly, intuitive, and polished applications that look and feel great on any Android device.

Kotlin / Xamarin


Android Studio


Jetpack Compose





Have you ever noticed that some popular apps are only available on Android or iOS, not both? That’s often because they chose one or the other rather than opting for cross-platform app development. This type of app creation allows your app to work on multiple operating systems.

These are different from native apps, which are created strictly for a specific operating system. By contrast, these apps use non-OS-specific programming.

While we commonly create packages for Android and Apple devices alone, we can work with you to see if we can make one for a different operating system.

When you use a cross-platform development method, you save time and money. Creating native apps for Android and Apple is done separately—we program for Android OR Apple and charge accordingly. But, if you do both simultaneously, you pay one price, and we make one app for both platforms.

What we do

Scope of Work

At Nesoi Technology, we know that every detail of the development process is crucial, and so we’ve built the expertise to provide a full range of mobile app development services. We can be responsible for design, coding, management, or integration, but we can also develop your product from scratch into a fully functioning application. Regardless if you’re a start-up or a big enterprise, we’ll adjust to your needs and create a beautiful digital product that meets your expectations. Here are some of the mobile app development services that we offer:

Product Discovery & Product Research


UX Design, UI Design & Branding


Native Mobile App Development (Android or iOS)


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


Product Discovery & Product Research


Maintenance & Support

We are Nesoi Technology, a web, mobile and automation solutions software development from Malaysia with global clients.


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